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Our purpose is to promote musical events of all sorts: concerts, competitions, masterclasses, conferences. We would like to spread the wonder of music and at the same time to give an opportunity to young artists to perform and come into contact with important musical realities.


The name Impronta Sonora evokes the footprint, the trace that we would like to leave through music.

Music is something special, it has the power to make people travel with their heart and their mind and to stir up their souls; it has the capacity to make people think and it let us enter a parallel world that is not made of objects but of pure emotions.

Music joints everyone, it is a universal language that implies brotherhood and reminds us that our emotions determine the quality of our life.


The logo of the association, masterfully conceived by Barbara Ferrari, also represents an imprint: it is one of the magnificent shapes that the sand can take as a result of the vibration of a metal plate thanks to a violin bow, according to the experiments of the famous physicist Ernst Chladni.


This is our aim: to try to leave a trace on people's hearts, to launch a musical seed hoping that it can develop and grow and to bring values of peace and beauty into our society.

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