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March 2021

The Association of Music Impronta Sonora, in collaboration with the Municipality of Arona (NO), presents and organizes the International Piano Competition “Città di Arona” - Online Special Edition, with the purpose of encouraging the study of music and being an important stimulus for young pianists, above all during this hard period of health emergency due to Covid19. 

Although the word aggregation has unfortunately been loaded with a negative connotation, we proudly want to maintain our motto, with the idea that music can be able to unite people of every language and place even at a distance, confident that we will be able to give this word back its deepest meaning in the 2022 Edition:

“Music is for everyone, and it has a wonderful potential to bring together people with the same passion”

(Irene Veneziano, Artistic Director).

The competition, open to Italian and foreign pianists, also includes a section for amateur pianists.

In this Online Special Edition the jury will evaluate the video recordings sent by the competitors. 

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Organizing and artistic Info:

+39 328 9223513

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Warm thank to our generous supporters:

Ewa and Jan Storkås
Banca Popolare di Novara
Kreativ Øving v Skien Kulturskole
Pratolivo Donna in Arona
Mr Centro Clima in Mercallo
Franca Morazzoni
Lions Club Varese Europa
Centro Comune di Ricerca in Ispra
Ugo Lattuada
Primaballerina Centro Danza in Castelletto Ticino
Casio Italia
Viale Italia Acconciatori in Sesto Calende
Rivista Musica and Zecchini Editore
Edizioni Curci
Orchestra Filarmonica Europea, Marcello Pennuto
Società del Quartetto di Bergamo
Scuola di musica Dedalo of Novara
Sporting Club of Monza
Polincontri Classica of Torino
Municipality of Sesto Calende
Associazione Musicamica of Genova
Associazione Culturale Festival di San Biagio of Nocera Umbra Amici del Loggione del Teatro Alla Scala of Milano

All members of Associazione Musicale Impronta Sonora

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